Near Fishguard. Pembrokeshire SA65 9RE

Fishing rules

To ensure the best welfare for our fish, and for all of our guests to have the best experience possible you are asked to abide by our fishing rules. If you are unsure about anything at all, Alison and Norman  would love to hear from you.


Nets and unhooking mats

Only site nets and unhooking mats to be used. We ask a £20 cash deposit, returned on return of the net and unhooking mat. Due to the costs, card payments will incur an £1 additional charge.  

Please bring your own handle, these are not included with the net.

No keep nets, unless on Match Days


Fish Care

No standing when holding fish for photos

All fish must be returned to the lake promptly

A landing net must be used for all fish, apart from the very smallest.

An unhooking mat must be used No fish to be laid straight on th ground.


Site Rules

All visitors must report to the shop on arrival for signing in

Anyone found to be taking fish or mistreating fish will be reported to the relevant authorities and may be asked to leave.

All under 14’s must be accompanied by an adult at all times

All litter to be placed in bins provided

No tents or bivvies within 5 meters of the bank. and charged as a pup tent.



Barbless hooks only, max size 8. 
Hook lengths must be used.
A max of 2 rods per angler.

All Line  must be removed from the water when not actively fishing.  Even for the shortest time. 
All tackle to be removed from pegs overnight.



No trout pellet, artificial bait, eg plastic sweetcorn, or nuts allowed.

Coarse pellet can be purchased in our tackle shop.
All bait to be thrown, catapulted or cupped in.

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