Protect your sport and our fish please comply with these rules:

All nets must be dipped before fishing or use landing nets on site

All fish must be returned to the lakes as soon as possible - anyone caught taking fish will be prosecuted

Barbless hooks only - max size 8. 

NO keep nets (except matches)

Max 2 rods per angler

NO trout pellet - coarse pellet available as an alternative

A landing net should be used for all fish

An un-hooking mat should be used for all carp

NO standing when holding fish for photos

DO NOT dump left over bait/tackle in lakes - please use bins provided

DO NOT leave rubbish by lakeside - there are several bins on site

All children under 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times

We ask that you report to shop on arrival and that you sign in - this is for your own safety