Sunday 19 June 2014

Paul Sartori Fun Match

Raised £155 for charity - hospice at home 

17 attended and the winner Mike Owen caught a nice carp, as pictured

Runner up Steve Collins and Steve Mackay pictured also with Gwyneth Evans who represented the charity


Sunday 29th September

Our end of month fishing match is here again with 9 of our regulars one of which being 9yrs of age!

Best weather ever since starting our fun matches everyone sat round the lake in T-shirts! once again the useual banter and joviality took place poor Rob bore the brunt of some of this when everyone found out he'd cast out and landed on the island and not infront of it as he thought half hour had passed before he realised lol :D Low total weights but everyone caught something,very close between 1st,2nd & 3rd Chris and george the winners with 6.6lb, 2nd Steve with 6.5lb and 3rd Jason with 6.3lb.well done guys :D

Next month is our last fun match of the year and we'll find out who is the Yet-Y-Gors champion 2013! this will be determined by who's name has won the most matches thats on our sheild.

Sunday 25th August

Once again 10 anglers turned up for our end of month fishing match,for once the weather behaved itself but unfortunately the fish didnt and a low weight of 7.2lbs won the match by Steve Collins,everyone enjoyed the day and the usesual friendly banter and mickey taking went on throughout the day.

Sunday 28th July

Our end of the month fun match proved as popular as ever with 10 anglers competeing,as usual the weather played havoc with only 5 pegs catching enough fish to weigh in despite this everyone enjoyed themselves with Steve Collins winning with a 6.4lb net of silver fish. On this occasion after the match one of the guys continued fishing the peg they drew in the match and landed a 6lb common carp!

Cancer Research Match Sunday 16 June 

We raised £120 for Cancer Research and despite the cold wet weather a good time was had by all. The winner with a catch of  12 1/2 lb was Chris Kidd from Pembrokeshire Pestatorials. 

Sunday 30 June

This was held from 3 to 9 pm. Attended by 14 including Kevin Everit who travelled from Macelsfield  to be with us. The winner was Gethin Price with a catch of 17 1/2 lb.

Halloween Fishing Competition (see our gallery page for pictures)

We had our first fishing competition on Saturday 27 October. Despite the cold weather we had 13 attend ranging from age 8 to 68!

A good time was had by all.. they especially enjoyed the tackle room halloween decorations and hot dogs and bread pudding which was taken to the pegs for lunch and included in the entrance cost of only £5.

We had a raffle and raised £25 for the local foster carers association. 

Congradulations to Steven Collins who came first and won a weekend for 4 in our static caravan and free fishing. 

A big thanks to all those that attended our first competition and we will be doing lots more once the spring weather comes. 


October 27th Season final

10 competitors turned out for the season final, Match started at 10am and concluded at 3pm Mike owens took 1st place with just 2.8lbs of small silver fish this win made Mike yet-y-gors champion 2013,despite the low weigh ins everyone that took part enjoyed the day and want us to continue with the fun matches in 2014 we will also be holding a couple of fundraising matches for local charities.

  We will be preparing Rocky's Lake for the 2014 season which kicks off Sunday 30th March @ 9am

Children in need charity match 17th November

Out of the blue I decided I wanted to hold a fishing competition to riase money for Children In Need so on the 17th of November 18 competitors took to the bank 10am till 3pm despite all good intentions the fish just didnt want to participate and local boy Jason won the competition with a 1lb Roach we also held a raffle,and sold pudsey bear cup cakes,and hot drinks all together we raised £400 Our thanks go to all of the local businesses that donated prizes and a special thanks to my wifes friend that donated a holiday to Bulgaria! Other thanks go to yazzoo clothing for donating a special Children In Need hoodie,Vandemon graphics for the vehicle graphics to promote the event & to the Gate Inn our local pub for raising £40 in raffle ticket sales and of coarse to everyone that took part.A huge thank you from myself and my wife Hannah.

July 19th 2014

Our first ever night match,9 anglers took part spread over Baileys & woodys lake,8pm start till 8am finish thundery conditions forcast that didnt transpire,a very humid evening and very little happening out on the lakes with only a few small silvers caught. At 4.50am drama on Baileys lake as tom harries wrestled with one of our big grass carp but sadly lost it in the reeds. Match ended w ith young Thomas winning the match with a 5.6lb bag of silvers.

Sunday 29th june 2014

Our end of month fun match proving popular with our regulars and a couple of holiday makers taking part this time,good weather for a change 15 anglers took part with a close call 1st and 2nd place,silvers once again ruling the day.

1st place 8.7lb

2nd place 8.5lb

3rd place 7.8lb

Sunday 18th may 2014

Our end of month fun match saw 15 anglers take part,windy conditions made the match interesting some anglers changing from rod to pole and others persevering with the pole but closer to the bank,I was sat in the comfort of the old jeep we use on site behind Nick Morgan and watched him catch his 7.65lb bag of silvers on a 3 meter whip just out from the edge of the bank on maggots.

1st 8lb

2nd 7.65lb

3rd 4.76

Sunday april 27th 2014

15 anglers turned out for this months fun match and YAY! a carp out on match day! a 4lb common called spike This went on to win the match for Jim simmonds

1st 4lb

2nd 2.9lb

3rd 2.2lb

Sunday march 30th 2014

Mothers day kicks off our 1st match of the year 13 anglers took part which I was surprised as I hadnt realised at the time of organising that it was mothers day oops! once again windy conditions and we had surprise guests,as we started the match the Canadian geese we have here paraded there new born the full length of the lake tto a round of applause from the guys :D also we added to the lake 28 new mirror carp whilst the match was in full flow 2 of which were caught by mike owens on 2 white maggots :D

1st 8.5lb

2nd 5.8lb

3rd 1.1lb

Sunday 26th July 2014 fun match

Once again 11 anglers pitted there wits against the fish and each other,the carp evaded capture and small silvers ruled the day.

1st Jason 4.21lb

2nd Mike owens 4.14lb

3rd Ash Roach 2.56lb

well done guys see you at the next match Sunday 17th August

Sunday 17th August 2014

A good turn out 14 Anglers turned out for our monthly fun match held earlier than scheduled due to the bank holiday weekend.

1st Mike Owens 11.2lb

2nd Steve Collins 8.7lb

3rd Jason Roberts 5.27lb

Sunday 28th September 2014 fun match

Only 9 turned out for this months fun match 2 of our regulars sadly were in hospital we wish them a speedy recovery,I wasnt there myself for this match but left it in the capable hands of my wife hannah,a lovely sunny day was enjoyed by all but sadly not many fish to weigh in.

1st Steve Collins 11.8lb

2nd Jason Roberts 4.3lb

3rd Steve Chamberlain 2.4lb

Next match is the season final and its very close between the top 3 will we have a new Champ or will mighty mike retain his title?

Fun Match March 29th 2015

The 1st of our just for fun matches of 2015 kicked off with 14 anglers taking part on a very windy sunday morning.


Steve Harrison 1st 29.54lb

Brian Hammond 2nd 11.95lb

Jason Roberts 3rd 3.62lb

Fun Match April 12th 2015

13 anglers turned up in the wind and rain to compete in our 2nd Fun Match of the season


Steve Harrison 1st 14.42lb

Steve Collins 2nd 7.20lb

Thomas Kehoe 3rd 6.25lb

Fun Match April 26th 2015

13 anglers took part in the 3rd of our fun matches


Steve Roberts 1st 16.34lb

Mike Owens 2nd 9.08lb

Nick Morgan 3rd 8.36lb

Fun Match May 10th 2015

13 anglers turned out on a windy sunday morning


Thomas Kehoe 1st 16.98lb

Steve Collins 2nd  9.88lb

Mike Harding 3rd 7.74lb

Fun Match May 31st 2015

8 anglers turned out for a wet and windy match


Steve Makay 1st 11.6lb

Thomas Kehoe 2nd 9.99lb

Steve Collins 3rd 9.83lb

Fun Match June 21st 2015

13 anglers turned out on a sunny but breezy sunday morning


Mike Owens 1st 14.19lb

Thomas Kehoe 2nd 13.36lb

Steve Collins 3rd 11.49lb

Fun Match July 5th 2015

8 anglers turned out in heavy morning rain but was blessed with very warm afternoon sun


Thomas Kehoe 1st 18.23lb

Steve Makay 2nd 14.84lb

Jason Roberts 3rd 10.76lb

Wales Air Ambulance Charity Match July 18th 2015

This charity match was held over the weekend we had a lot of people take part in the event and we raised over £400 

A special mention goes to Thomas Kehoe who actualy raised sponsorship of £100 on his own! many thanks Thomas

Thomas Kehoe 1st 47.29lb

Chris Sturman 2nd 12.89lb

Mike Owens 3rd 9.21lb

Fun Match August 2nd 2015

8 anglers turned out for this match


Steve Collins 1st 9.22lb

Steve Makay 2nd 7.03lb

Steve Roberts 3rd 6.59lb

Fun Match August 15th 2015

Just 6 anglers took part in this match


Thomas Kehoe 1st 9.26lb

Ken Smith 2nd 6.06lb

Steve Collins 3rd 4.92lb

Fun Match September 6th 2015

!0 anglers turned out for this match


Steve Collins 1st 18.2lb

Thomas Kehoe 2nd 9.52lb

Ken Smith 3rd 8.42lb

Fun Match September 27th 2015

Just 6 anglers took part in this match


Thomas Kehoe 1st 8.05lb

Ken Smith 2nd 5.91lb

Jason Roberts 3rd 3.51lb

Fun Match October 4th 2015

8 anglers took part in this match


Steve Collins 1st 2.50lb

Thomas Kehoe 2nd 2.07lb

Ken Smith 3rd 1.59lb

Fun Match Final October 18th 2015 Julias Match

We held our final match of 2015 in loving memory of Julia Morris a close personal friend of ours who sadly died earlier in the week of lung cancer :(


Steve Collins 1st 13.23lb

Chris Sturman 2nd 2.16lb

Thomas Kehoe 3rd 1.9lb

Overall Match winner of 2015

The overall match winner of 2015 goes to Thomas Kehoe

Well Done

Wales Air Ambulance Charity match & raffle

We held a fundraiser weekend for the Wales Air Ambulance on the 16th & 17th of July 2016 17 anglers took part over the weekend,weather was very changeable starting off with sea mist a good breeze then sunshine same again for day 2 but got very warm towards the end.A little drama on day 1 when Thomas fell in an hour befor the end taking his station and keep net with him thus loosing all the fish he had caught,Thomas emerged unscathed more annoyed he had lost his fish than his phone getting a soaking and the loss of his glasses and wallet.We managed to raise £423 in total so not bad at all. Our thanks go out to all that took part and to all that donated prizes to the raffle they are:

Lyndon Kendrick,The wolf inn @ wolfs castle,The wolf hotel,Nadian Builders,Mathry Tea Room,MPW Valeting,Jenny Ball,Gwaun Garage,Castle Henley,Goodwick Motor,Blue Lagoon,and The Kehoe family.


1st Mike Owens 21.72lb RockysLake

2nd Steve Makay 14.73lb Rockys Lake

3rd Paul Davis 10.64lb Woodys Lake